DIY Document Stand

IMG_20180320_092504My inspiration for this project came from my work. As a backgrounder I live in a cubicle land, not the high ones mind you but in that land nonetheless. One day I saw my co-worker prop paperwork up using a tube of lotion as the stand. She did really well with it because the paperwork did not curl forward AT ALL.

Got me to thinking of how could I make one, tried repurposing a binder, man are those things cheap! so back to the drawing board…..

As tax season is upon is I thought maybe this would be a good time to make a document stand before the paperwork piles on.

Off to the dollar store I went…..


1 clipboard

1 small easel

1 trusty hot glue gun

It’s that easy and it only cost me $3.50 per one (not including sales tax)

This easel….



It is great because it is a chalkboard so you could have stopped right there but I liked it because it was broad. Get your trusty hot glue gun and affix the frame of it to the clipboard. NOTE: Make sure you align the outside legs of the easel to the bottom of the clipboard, it makes it more flush with your surface.


Don’t forget to put some hot glue on the bottom of the easel legs because it will prevent it from sliding on your surface.

I chose not to personalize it because well if it is covered with paper who is going to see the flair anyway?


So see mine and hers will be plain, yes I like to share. Now I am sure this will give inspiration for others out there. Wouldn’t it be great for those recipes you tell yourself that you will one day make? Some things are just better at eye level.

This project is so quick you guys the time you save by putting it together the more time you can add some flair with washi tape and jewel stickers!

You’re welcome for the motivation!



Hyperlink a File in Outlook

This blog post series is meant to be self help for those of us who have been told “hey do this” and really we don’t know until we consult another source or stumble through it ourselves. In my years of working with the Office suite I have definitely been relied on to provide any template or update. I have taken an Excel course to better my understanding and will try things out from it again for future posts.

When you’re reading this just know that this only works on networked systems, you can’t use your Outlook that you use as webmail. I tried, doesn’t work.

These will be primarily Microsoft Office related but we shall see where the wind takes us or where the Windows takes us rather. Could be some QuickBooks, wait and see…..

First in our series is something I had to do lately, which is insert a link to a file in Outlook so another user could access the file and put a copy of this link at the bottom of correspondence. When I googled this topic a lot of the posts were old and I did not think were relevant but they were so I followed their instructions. Guess I could have YouTube’d it but I am always worried about bandwidth.

This method of file sharing is really beneficial for saving space in your company’s email, especially if the sender and the recipient can both access the same network drive/share.

Now to the good stuff….

How to Send a Link to a file in Outlook:

New Email

Click the Insert tab



Choose the file path to your file (preferably a share that everyone can access)



File link is inserted in email:

Send and away you go.hyperlink2

I am happy that I learned this because this could have been useful for many years. What I really want to stress here is that when you learn something new that makes your job a little easier make up instructions for it that will make sense and share it. Especially with your colleagues that may use it. Knowledge is a stress reliever some days and if you are facing a deadline having that with you is going to help you through the day.