Best Loyalty Points Programs

Out of all the loyalty points programs we have today in Canada there are only 4 programs I use and constantly redeem.

PC Points

If you have the President’s Choice Mastercard it will be easy to rack up points (but not when you buy in the store) but to maximize this program is to sign up for the additional PC Plus program. This one like the Shopper’s Drug Mart one I will mention below you need to maximize the additional offers they will send your way that uses your buying habit history. Like for instance 2,000 points for every $10 sent on vitamins, $2.00 in points I can dig that. But to make it even better you will have to go to No Frills (especially if you live close to one) in order to save for. In the vitamin example I can save an additional $2.00 by getting it at No Frills vs Loblaws which is also nearby. You are going to get the equivalent of $0.10 to $0.20 in points, like my vitamin example with the PC Plus offers. Also to maximize the PC Plus check the flyers and in the store. Of course don’t get carried away and buy what you need. I recently logged into my PC Plus account and saw that since 2007 I have redeemed $320 in groceries and/or apparel.

Shopper’s Optimum

Like the PC Points program noted above this program’s credit card makes it easy to build up the points balance. To maximize this program without the credit card one will need to shop during the 20 times the points events. Also would need to utilize the offers sent in email. The additional offers that are sent are based on your buying habits and what you would most likely purchase. Some of these offers are 15 times the points on one product or a flat point amount. Like the Petro Points program below with each purchase of product you will receive points. It is equivalent to the tax that was paid. Better than nothing of course. A big drawback to this program is that it does take awhile to get to the points levels if you are not using the maximizers all the time.

BUT PC Points and Shopper’s Optimum are consolidating in February. The only thing I hope is that they will use the $0.10 or $0.20 per every $1 scheme, that way you know what you are getting for points. Also the minimum redemption for PC Points is $20 whereas Shopper’s is $10, which will they go with?

Petro Points

To really maximize this program you need to put in some effort doing some surveys.  I do not recall how I got enrolled in it but going to helps to accumulate those Petro Points faster. Some surveys can pay you up to $2.50 in Petro Points! I know right?! However if you don’t qualify they’ll still give you a nickel. Something is better than nothing at least. Last year between gas purchases (and instore indulgencies) and these surveys I accumulated over $40 in points. I maximize this by being able to convert these points into CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) dollars to pay for our annual CAA membership.

Chapters/Indigo Plum Points

The Plum Points program has a benefit to all the bibliophiles out there or to those who are buying educational toys. The trick with this is to use the x number the points events. Also there was a good promotion (do not recall if they have it any more) where you buy 3 books and get $5 in points. I save these points up for toys. This program is great that the minimum redemption is $5 but it seems like it takes a lot to accumulate points.

Walmart Rewards

I just received my Walmart Rewards Mastercard, of course it gives you higher rewards if you shop at their store, but the hook is if you sign up for paperless billing you receive $10 in rewards. The other hook is that if you make 2 purchases of $15 or more each (one at Walmart and one at another retailer) you receive $15 in rewards for each of those transactions. 1.25% rewards for all purchases made at Walmart and 1% for everything else. What I really like about this program is that the minimum redemption is $5.

There you have  it the best (according to me) loyalty points programs in Canada. Comment below with which is your favourite?