Selfish and Vain or Rebellious?

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Wanted to tell you all about how vanity, selfishness and rebellion are the culprits  driving the higher rates of COVID-19.

Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion….. Yesterday I to go and fill up my car with gas (haven’t filled up since May, thanks to working from home), I didn’t pay at the pump like I usually do so after I sanitize my hands I put on my mask and head into the station’s store to pay.

At the time I was filling up a car pulled up and parked on the other side of the pump. They did not fill up their car, they just went in. Like all establishments in our city it is stated on the door that you must wear a mask upon entering. As I entered the store I was disappointed to see two twenty something women not wearing masks. They also looked like they were relatives of the Kardashian/Jenners.

So you didn’t want to hide your lined pouty lips? It’s ok to not hide your breasts, society is used to cleavage. Nevermind that for the amount of money you two spent on Redbull you could have bought and worn reusable masks but I just hope your vain and selfish behaviour doesn’t have you stricken with COVID.

But let’s rewind here, does history not tell us that every generation of twenty somethings think they are invincible to anything that happens around them? The sense of rebellion against what society is telling them to do which turns them into vain and selfish individuals. So in the case above it is most likely being vain and selfish but for others most likely rebellion.

I won’t go into why the store didn’t turn them away on principle because that’s not the real story here.

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