DIY Craft Kit


For one of our child’s friend’s birthdays their parent said that the child likes to do crafts. Fair enough all 4 year-olds love to glue and paint and cut. Taking a look at stores and websites I wasn’t really confident in the variety of imagination when it comes to just a basic craft kit. So this is where one has to get creative… as you can see below this is the end result of the kit but I will go into more detail on what items are and where they came from….

I hate to admit it but the dollar store is full of a lot of items that kids will burn through, if you have a budget leave the dollar store for the last because you also want to fill with quality items too. This would be the preferred store to get the container you will want to put your art kit into like this:


These cards from the dollar store provide a good blank canvas.


Also the unfinished frames from Michael’s are the best.


But most of all variety of supplies are what makes this a fun DIY gift.



Afterall  kids love using their imaginations and there are no pre-fab kits that capture 4 year old’s attention.

Happy gifting!!




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