Easter Treat Jar

Our child’s school asked for donations for their fundraiser. It was a baking raffle and since I have a 2 week old as well the thought of a baked good wasn’t appealing but the suggestion of a treat jar was.

Away to Pinterest I went to get some inspiration. Also away to my local bulk food store. The only stipulation was that there would be no nuts. I would have gone to the dollar store for this jar but didn’t want to subject my 2 week old to that place yet. Luckily the bulk food store had a few of these lovely jars.


I did wash this because well courtesy. Ended up choosing nut free Hershey Kisses and a Paw Patrol egg (it is a school fundraiser remember?).

img_20190412_075611What I wanted to do was have the egg peek out from the other chocolate to serve as a treat. If I were to do this next year I would put in more than one.

Now I could have added ribbon and stopped there. If I am to do this next year that is what I am definitely going to do. Instead I rounded up what I already had on hand and made a bunny.

On hand:

Pipe cleaners

Pom poms

Googly eyes

Hot glue


Yes this bunny also got a tail. 


Remember it s what is on the inside that counts. Especially if it is $8 of chocolate.

Doesn’t have to be very fancy just has to do the fundraising job.

Hoppy Easter and spring!!


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