10 Pick Me Ups For A Bad Day

Who also had a terrible day today? Who needs a confidence boost and to get our of your head for a bit?

Here are 10 things that can hopefully get you back into a better head space of confidence and just feel better.

Have a facial

Now I don’t mean going to the spa, just do it at home. You can buy individual kinds at Shopper’s Drug Mart for $1.50 or buy them in bulk at Amazon. Whether it be a sheet mask or a regular type, those 10-15 minutes make a difference for your mood.

Read a good book

Something light and fluffy, a story you can get lost in but feel good that you expanded your mind by reading. This is why we have Chick Lit, thank goodness! Goodreads is a great place to start to find recommendations and to track what books you have read. So far this year I have read 38 novels. I have never been a big reader but for some reason this is the year that I am. 

Binge watch a show

Like above something light and fluffy. When I was going through the worst time I found solace in a show called Hart of Dixie this show had a mix of a great setting and characters. A good comedy melts any anguish you are feeling away.

Have a chocolate bar

Can be the good chocolate or just grab a bar from the dollar store. Savouring it just prolongs that feeling of making things better. IF you don’t want chocolate then some other treat that you can savour, preferably combine with reading a good book or binge watching a show.

Do a quick DIY project

The kind of quick DIY that I find makes a bad mood feel better are wreaths. Why? If you have a good base and a hot glue gun the possibilities are endless, just see the example below. I find that grapevine wreaths are the best to use. 



Start small, maybe a sink. Then see how far the momentum will take you. Having one clean item makes the mood change. Also it leads to so many searches on Pinterest for cleaning hacks. My favourite has to be using a dish wand to clean your bathtub. 

Yard work

Let me tell you, if you have the right tool you definitely feel better when you are doing yard work. If you can afford it invest in quality tools from Lee Valley. I have a dandelion digger and a compost aerator best money spent. Especially the dandelion digger, those buggers are hard to get out! 


Notice how I put chocolate bar ahead of this? It’s because I don’t exercise. Maybe I should then when I do have a terrible day I can go for a run or something instead of looking up new jobs on indeed. Like the two above don’t over do it because this list of items is to help you feel better not worse!


Dance like there is no one watching, crank up the Journey and Don’t Stop Believin’ until you are you a better mindset, until you crash from having an awesome dance party for one. 


As long as we are not constantly thinking before we go to sleep a nap will do wonders for your mood. Get your most comfortable blanket and pillow,  have a great couch nap. Drool is always a good indicator that it will be a refreshing one.

I hope this list will help take the edge off of a bad day. I know I definitely needed the chocolate bar.






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